Ntombi Visser

My crossfit journey started in April 2016 @Crossfit DBN West. The members are very welcoming and you feel part of the community/ family the minute you walk in.

Looking back from where I started and where are am right now, I see and feel a massive improvement on my overall fitness and strength. The cheering and encouragement from the coaches and fellow gym mates has help to keep me going on most workout sessions.

The different workouts that are prepared for us each day really challenge your fitness and they create an awesome/ lively vibe at the gym. I always look forward to learning a new move and really challenging my body to do better than I did on my previous workout.

Our coaches are absolutely amazing. They explain and demonstrate the moves before each session. They also encourage everyone to push through to the very end of each workout.

I must say, crossfit was slightly different from the exercises I was used to but I love it. I love the crossfit community. I love my box. I love Crossfit DBN West."