John Martin

A BOX? What a stupid name for a gym, my first thoughts of crossfit.

Life was begining to freely provide every excuses not to exercise, young dad, work pressures, family responsibilities to name just a few.

I hate gym (strong words yes ) so decided to give this a chance. I now describe crossfit to my friends as going to a "special place" with a personal coach watching and guiding you through every movement and rep.

A place that teaches you to push weights you never thought could be lifted, cardio workouts that make grown men cry, movements that came out of the latest tarzan movie and more recently the team debating if a triathlon would be easier than the proposed warmup.

I know with the bare minimum classes that I attend I am fitter and stronger than ever before. I would consider this as the 1st choice for anyone wanting to simply get fit, have fun and suppliment that weekend warrior, avid sports person or performance athlete in whatever sports you do.

I now understand why they call it a BOX, nothing else can describe this amazing place."