Daniel Rutherfoord

CrossFit :- absolute ecstasy and torture or the best love hate relationship you will ever experience that has more benefits than you can imagine.

The first time I heard about CrossFit DBN West was from a close friend he was so excited he started demonstrating burpees and thruster in the office with all the staff getting daily updates.

Eventually I gave in and secretly used the try out class at CrossFit DBN West, my head hung and heart racing I walked into the box and remembered thinking this is nothing like the other gyms just a couple of pull up bars and steel uprights. This beast of an oke walked up to me and introduced himself. I thought I must be lost. My first WOD the amazing 21 15 9 ring rows pushups and situps , that’s all.... I almost died..... that weekend I didn’t get out of bed I rolled out bed and moved straight to the couch.

Strange thing is I was hooked, like something amazing happened I just worked out for 20mins but I was broken and feeling confident and good about myself :- at this stage i weighed around 103 KGs, I was always tired and had no desire to do anything.

We as a family also got to a point where we needed to change our lifestyle or we would kill ourselves. And we did. The results speak for themselves from 103 kgs to 95kgs in 8 months. And now at 90kgs (summer shred got me there). From deadlifting 90kgs to 150kgs. And running my first ever 21km.
And wanting to get my first strict pull up(yes there are different types of pull-ups).

CrossFit DBN West didn’t just give me a workout routine it became a way of life from eating the right foods to a community, everyone was in the same place, everyone is humbled by every work out, everybody has a story to tell, no one is a expert and everyone is keen to help.

At CrossFit DBN West you will meet Sarah Taryn and Oli who took my hand guided me every step of the way and even now take the time and attention to guide everyone’s technique. The amount of motivation you get when you just feel you not making progress and all the advice of how to move forward. They make CrossFit DBN West the place you want to be.