• Adam Laubscher

    Being the youngster of the gym was intimidating at first, but everyone here is so friendly and supportive, and the coaches are all awesome!

    Having never done CrossFit before and coming from a canoeing background, I had no idea what to expect, and throwing a barbell around is scary at first, but you quickly fall in love with the sport! I would definitely encourage younger people to do CrossFit, it's helped me big time outside the gym on the water and I'm sure it will help anyone in any other sport. Start young and finish strong west is best!!!

  • Daniel Rutherfoord

    Daniel Rutherfoord

    CrossFit :- absolute ecstasy and torture or the best love hate relationship you will ever experience that has more benefits than you can imagine.

    The first time I heard about CrossFit DBN West was from a close friend he was so excited he started demonstrating burpees and thruster in the office with all the staff getting daily updates.

    Eventually I gave in and secretly used the try out class at CrossFit DBN West, my head hung and heart racing I walked into the box and remembered thinking this is nothing like the other gyms just a couple of pull up bars and steel uprights. This beast of an oke walked...

  • Ntombi Visser

    Ntombi Visser

    My crossfit journey started in April 2016 @Crossfit DBN West. The members are very welcoming and you feel part of the community/ family the minute you walk in.

    Looking back from where I started and where are am right now, I see and feel a massive improvement on my overall fitness and strength. The cheering and encouragement from the coaches and fellow gym mates has help to keep me going on most workout sessions.

    The different workouts that are prepared for us each day really challenge your fitness and they create an awesome/ lively vibe at the gym. I always look forward to learning a new move and...

  • John Martin

    John Martin

    A BOX? What a stupid name for a gym, my first thoughts of crossfit.

    Life was begining to freely provide every excuses not to exercise, young dad, work pressures, family responsibilities to name just a few.

    I hate gym (strong words yes ) so decided to give this a chance. I now describe crossfit to my friends as going to a "special place" with a personal coach watching and guiding you through every movement and rep.

    A place that teaches you to push weights you never thought could be lifted, cardio workouts that make grown men cry, movements that came out of the latest tarzan movie and more...

  • Coralie Jones

    Coralie Jones

    Five years ago, I went to watch a friend compete in a Crossfit team competition that was being held at Gateway. I remember the energy that hit me as soon we walked through the doors nearest to where they were competing.

    As soon as we were close enough to see, I was hypnotized. Everything about it drew me in. Every year, on the day of the comrades marathon, I have this overwhelming feeling that I should attempt running it one day. Then the day passes, and I realize it may just be too much for me to handle.

    Well on that day, watching those athletes, I had the same feeling. I wanted to do something...