Oliver Cash

Oliver Cash - Crossfit Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Coach
Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science
Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Head of Strength and Conditioning at Clifton College
First Aid Level 3
Attended numerous Internationally renowned Sports and Exercise Science Seminars and Workshops
Sport Injury prevention Strapping and Basic Sports Massage Certificates
IRB Level 2 Rugby Coaching Certificate
IRB Level 1 Rugby 7’s Coaching Certificate

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Oliver (although never looking the part) has always participated in school Sports since the age of 7. During his high school career he played in the top rugby and golf sides. Being competitive and active is some cemented in his DNA. Looking to the future, Oliver didn’t quite have any sort of idea as to what to do after school.

He started studying a degree in Sports Management, but after a year of drinking, rugby injuries and many hours in lectures…his life and health needed some drastic change. In 2011 Oliver started and eventually completed a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science, and during those 3 years his life changed forever. Learning how the body functioned and how nutrition works opened his eyes to a whole new world. Very quickly became the Westville Boys’ High Assistant S+C Coach to teach all I had learned so far.

After try all kinds of diets and training regimes for years, Oliver stumbled across a word during one of his research assignments… CrossFit.

So I immediately typed in CrossFit on Youtube and watched some of the 2012 Games footage. I sat there for about an hour with my bottom jaw flat on the floor. So I googled ‘CrossFit workout’ and found one with strict pull ups, Dumbbell thrusters, push ups and a 400m run (4 rounds). After about 45 minutes I remember laying on the floor outside the school gym for about an hour (seriously), in all kinds of pain, I was weak, light headed and the most nauseous Iv ever been in my life …. I was so in love.

Fast forward 4 years and Oliver has gone from 106kg’s and 27% body fat to a lifetime lowest of 85kg’s with a 6,3% body fat. He is employed full time to train and coach the youth of today at a prominent school plus coaching the general population of today at DBN West to become healthier, stronger more capable humans that can enjoy a life of health and fitness.

”I always say I used myself as a lab rat, I tested myself on all kinds of methodologies and diets and recovery patterns … my journey is incredible and I just want to share it with everyone, not by telling them… but by taking them on that exact same journey”.